Agroszemek Co.

The Agroszemek Agricultural Cooperative and Distributor Limited Liability Company centered in Szeged, operating on the premises of Hodmezovaserhely, formed in 1990 under the direction of agricultural engineer and plant improvement specialist Janos Feczak. The company operates on the entire spectrum of the country, but its main production area involves the south- and eastern part of Hungary. The company’s main profiles are breeding of sorghum seeds, seeds production, targeted seeds production by contract, trade in agricultural produce and consultation on Sorghum plant protection. Our breeded plants:

Forage Sorghum, Grain Sorghum, Sudangrass, Medicago sativa(Alfalfa).

In the last few years our trade was extended by the research improvements of base plants for biogas and bioethanol, thus our years of research resulted in improving Sorghum saccharatum hybrids as an excellent base for biogas systems. The grain sorghum is an important supplement for human nutrition both in flour and puffed form. Our new development is the “Pop sorghum” and “Sorghum ball”, both of which are gluten-free, making it safe to consume for people with coeliac disease as well. Our grain sorghum hybrids have got high-protein content and they are absolutely tannin-free, this way there are no restrictions regarding the blending percentage in the animal fodder, for it does not have digestion hindering attributes. Our seed grains are sold both inland and abroad. Our variety of Medicago sativa produces 60-80 tons of sowing seeds, 50-70 tons of sorghums are sold to the market participants. Our sorghum fodder produced with exceptional nutritional values by our partners has a big demand both among inland and abroad partners. By its consultations and suggestions, Agroszemek Ltd. plays a determining role in the form of cultivation of plants in the region.